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Students and scholars from around the world, came to learn there is more than one possibility of our existence, thanks to Discovery Institute.

The wonderful insights shared by scientific scholars who believe in Intelligent Design helped to refute such beliefs as...

"...that mankind’s appearance on this planet was not preordained, that we are here not as the products of an inevitable procession of evolutionary success, but as an afterthought, a minor detail, a happenstance in a history that might just as well have left us out."
~ Ken Miller, a Darwinian apologist
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"That was my red pill moment..."
~ Candace Owens

June 2018's edition of On Point Magazine features none other than the director of communications, Candace Owens. Be sure to read up on this article and so much more, including Bloody Chicago.

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Ben Shapiro
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National Review's David French wrote a great article covering the recent mob mentality when Mark Duplass tweeted something positive about Ben Shapiro. The leftist mob attacked and Duplass felt the need to delete the tween and apologize for his truthful opinion. Be sure to read the entire story and understand the cultural war we must engage with light and truth.